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An Amazon facial recognition tool has wrongly identified 28 members of the US Congress as police suspects.此前,亚马逊的一个脸部辨识专用工具,不正确地将28名美国议员辨识出了警察嫌犯。The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) compared official photos of the politicians with a database of public arrest photos.美国国籍自由联盟(ACLU)将政治家的官方网照片与公布发布被抓嫌疑犯照片的数据库查询进行了核查。


Amazon took issue with the findings, saying the system needed to be set at 95% accuracy not the 80% used by ACLU.亚马逊对该結果回应抵触,称该系统软件务必设定为95%的精确度,而不是ACLU用于的80%。But the civil rights group said it highlighted the inadequacy of facial recognition technology.但该民权的机构回应,这显出了脸部辨识技术性的存在的不足。


Our test reinforces that face surveillance is not safe for government use, said Jacob Snow, ACLUs technology and civil liberties lawyer.ACLU的技术性和公民自由刑事辩护律师雅各布·诺斯回应:“大家的检测着重强调了政府部门用于脸部检验不是安全系数的。”Face surveillance will be used to power discriminatory surveillance and policing that targets communities of colour, immigrants, and activists. Once unleashed, that damage cant be undone.“脸部监管将作为拓张对于非裔、香港移民和激进分子的非歧视性监管和社会治安。


一旦出狱,这类危害就无法撤销。”In response to the test, a spokesperson for Amazon Web Services told the BBC: We remain excited about how image and video analysis can be a driver for good in the world, including in the public sector and law enforcement.亚马逊互联网服务的一位新闻发言人在返理应检测时对BBC回应:“大家仍然对图象和视频采集能永久性地应用于到全世界驱动器要素而倍感兴奋,这还包含公共行政和稽查人员单位以内的行业。”With regard to this recent test of Amazon Rekognition by the ACLU, we think that the results could probably be improved by following best practices around setting the confidence thresholds.“有关ACLU近期对亚马逊Rekognition的检测,大家强调能够根据遵照设定置信度阀值的最佳实践中提升結果。”The 80% accuracy range used by ACLU is the systems default setting but a spokeswoman for Amazon Web Services told Reuters that, for identifying individuals, it recommended setting a threshold of 95% or higher.ACLU用于的80%精确度范畴是系统软件的默认,但亚马逊互联网服务的新闻发言人对他说美联社,它提议在辨识本人时设成95%或高些的阀值。

Among those being wrongly identified was civil rights leader John Lewis, who is a member of the Congressional Black Caucus.被不正确辨识的是民权领导者罗伯特·刘易斯,他是国会黑种人关键工作组的组员之一。That group recently?wrote to Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezos expressing concerns about the profound negative unintended consequences facial recognition systems could have for black people.该的机构近期致函亚马逊CEO谢里尔·贝索斯,对人脸识别系统软件有可能对黑种人造成的“深刻的印象的负面信息车祸事故不良影响”回应焦虑。

Congress should press for a federal moratorium on the use of face surveillance until its harms, particularly to vulnerable communities, are fully considered, said ACLUs legislative counsel Neema Singh Guliani. The public deserves a full debate about how and if face surveillance should be used.ACLU的律师顾问内马·辛格·古时候利亚尼回应:“尤其是在是针对劣势小区,国会理应拓张联邦政府终止用于面部监管的伤害得到 考虑到。群众理应就怎样及其否理应用于脸部检测进行充份争辩。